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Forum Rules

Mensagem  Admin em Ter Nov 11, 2008 8:26 pm

Forum Rules

1 - All the filing-cabinets and information published in this fórum are only and exclusively for information, not being able to be imputed responsibilities to the author, the administration or who it divulges them, being the entire responsibility of who of them makes use, not having of used form some being with commercial ends.

2 - The Content of all the messages placed in fórum is of the entire responsibility of its author, being able a Moderator or Administrator to any height to edit them or to remove them without advance warning.

3 - The topics must be initiated in the respective sections to the subject to debate, having the user to look for previously in fórum if its question or newness already had not been placed by others, without damage of the displayed one in the previous number.

4 - Use always a heading that gives a ideia of the content of the message and that it is purpouse possible. With this, you will obtain to attract a bigger number of people interested in the subject...

5 - Never poles messages with headings as: "HELP-ME!!!", "PLEASE, I AM DESPAIRED!!!", "AID", "AID", or any similar thing that does not possess an enlightening heading. Headings thus, will have little ,visualizations therefore probably the other participants already will be satiated to see headings as this. Moreover, any one of moderators will be able to erase your message, without advance warning and could be warned.

6 - They are not authorized explicit images of nude nor of pornography, as well as is not authorized the use of addresses that have as destination subjects related with pornography!

7 - It is not allowed to offend, to provoke, to threaten or to joke no member and is forbidden to the use of words of low slam in the messages and signatures, duly warned immediate expulsion. The same it is applied to the private messages. Critical and claims on the behavior of other participants must be prevented! If to desire to complain on the behavior of one another participant sends an email for one of the Administrators of the Fórum with its claims and links that they base them.

8 - Any moderator will have to be respected in the forum or shoutbox as if he was an administrator, the insult of this rule will give to right the total banishment of the Forum.

9 - For personal messages the p.m. post office must be used.

10 - It is forbidden to the publication of software of other authors without the explicit authorization same them as well as removing software of the forum to place in other forums, without authorization of the Administration. References or links can however be placed soft and information published in other places.

11 - Any message that breaks the copyrights, as well as is forbidden the spreading in other local, under any form of support, of any information removed of this is forbidden fórum without the authorization it its author. The disrespect for this rule gives place to an impediment of the entrance in fórum.

12- It is forbidden to the cession of username and password to other members so that they accede to fórum, with different statute, or simply with another identity, being able both the users to be punished or exactly banished.

13- the Unfamiliarity of the rules for lack of its reading or understanding does not inhibit any member of being punished and until banished by its insult.

14 - The lack of respect for the remaining members of the forum in shoutbox will give to right the banishment without advance warning, as well as placing of links for is of fórum.

15 - Express it is forbidden to place for sale any article in fórum it are of the appropriate place.

16- the Administration reserves for same itself the right to modify the rules of fórum to any height and without advance warning.

17- and express forbidden to the opening of topics in the forum with subjects of personal problems or problems that pass to it are of the domains any of these posts will be eliminated immediately without previous acknowledgment.

18- Links for others fóruns or commercial houses express is forbidden,without the explicit authorization of the Administration. Others of utility publish could be posted, as well as links that they have the purpose to help in the Topic where they are placed.


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